What Is 'Shorting Out'?

In basic terms, 'shorting-out' is used in food industry magnetics to describe when the surface strength is 'used up'  by the build-up of contaminants collected on the surface of the magnet. This typically occurs when a magnet has not been cleaned for an extended period of time and is holding a lot of fine contaminants.

In this state, contaminants on the outside of the build-up are not being held tightly to the magnet surface and risk being released or 'washed' back into the product stream (for example, if they are knocked off by oncoming product). This can be highly detrimental to final product security, with consequences being contamination in final product, recall, consumer complaints, and financial loss.

Generally, a dirty magnet is useless - regular cleaning of magnets mean a clean surface is presented to the flow of product and will always be more effective in reducing risk of metal contamination in final products.

The images below show magnets loaded up and not operating at their full capacity.

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