Magnattack Acquires Aurora Magnet Validation Division

Magnattack Global is pleased to announce the acquisition of Aurora Process’s magnet validation division.  

With over 50 years of experience in food industry magnets and foreign matter control, the acquisition allows us to be more efficient and deliver better value direct to food processing clients in the New Zealand market.

Magnet Validations are an essential service to trace and identify metal contamination risks and ensure your magnet performance meets current industry standards and guidelines. We partner with AMR Consulting to deliver a certified 3rd-party unbiased Magnet Validation Report. 

It is recommended that magnet validations are carried out at least once annually.  

In addition to the AMR Report, we assist you in developing corrective action plans, tailored to your process, to mitigate any foreign metal contamination risks identified.  

The Magnattack® & AMR Magnet Validation Program is currently available to food processing clients in Australia, New Zealand, and North America.  

For more information, please refer to our magnet validation webpage.

To contact a Magnattack® technician or to book your next magnet validation, please click here.   

We look forward to helping you increase your foreign metal control! 

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