9 x Inline Liquid Magnets For Food Packaging Manufacturer

Magnattack Global has supplied 9 x inline liquid magnets to a US client who manufactures packing for the food industry. The magnets supplied were custom-built single-probe RE80® Liquid Pressure Pipeline Separators.

Tiny metal fragments in their product would cause processing issues for their customers and were also unsightly due to the clear nature of the final product.

Our client calculated that only 1 rejected load of product would cost them approximately $85,000 - so it was important for them to minimize this risk!

After identifying the source of the contamination and visiting the client's plant, these 9 inline magnetic separators were designed to suit their application and requirements.

The RE80® Liquid Pressure Pipeline Magnets...

Will effectively capture & retain tiny metal fragments, including work-hardened stainless-steel

Are easy to install and clean

Are an advanced alternative to conventional Liquid Trap/Pot Magnet designs


liquid pressure pipeline magnetic separators
9 x Inline Liquid Pressure Pipeline Separators supplied to a Magnattack® Global customer.

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