Magnattack Assists US Client With New Magnets For Pet Food Lines

Magnattack Global recently assisted one of our US pet food clients with new magnetic separators as part of a corrective action plan to rectify the areas of risk identified in a magnet validation report.

The new +11,000 Gauss Magnets, which include 4 x RE80 Rapidclean Grate Magnets and 5 x RE80 Round Nose Retention Magnets (complete with 2 x Magnetic Plates and Probe Magnets), will be installed throughout their meat meal and grain lines.

These magnets will greatly assist the client in improving their foreign metal control, with benefits of this including:

  • Increased product purity
  • Reduced risk of damage to equipment and consequent downtime for repair/replacement
  • Adjustable product flow-ability

All these magnets include our Dura-Slik Surfacing Technology which will serve to reduce damage to the surface of the magnets caused by the abrasive product types, hence increasing the working life of the magnets and preventing dangerous contamination risks to final product.


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