Magnattack® Global Compliance & Certification

Magnattack® Global strive to comply with stringent food safety and quality standards on two fronts:

  1. 1. By manufacturing sanitary magnetic separation equipment of proven, effective, advanced, and certified design, and
  2. 2. By supplying magnetic separation solutions that will assist our clients in meeting standards and audits applicable to food processing.

By supplying high-quality equipment and documentation, we also help our clients meet stringent food industry standards and requirements.

USDA Acceptance

Since 2015, selected Magnattack® Magnetic Separators have received certification from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for various magnetic separation designs in the meat and poultry category and in the dairy category.

These include:

Official USDA Acceptance proves that the design and function of Magnattack® equipment meets strict sanitary and hygiene requirements in the meat and dairy sectors.

HACCP International Certification
HACCP International Certification


The CE certification mark stands for Conformité Européenne, or ‘European Conformity’, and indicates that a product sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) conforms with high health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

Magnattack® magnetic separators were initially assessed in May 2015 and were deemed compliant with the CE regulations, which allows them to be supplied to customers within the EEA without restrictions.

HACCP International Certification
HACCP International Certification
HACCP International Certification

Other Certifications

Seals, greases, and other parts required for the manufacture of Magnattack® Magnetic Separators have been tested and found to comply with required food industry standards and certifications. These are available to our clients upon request.


It should be noted, that ‘compliance’ does not necessarily mean ‘certified’. Some companies may advertise to be certified by governing bodies or standards however in reality are only advertising their equipment may comply with some section or may help food processing companies comply with a particular standard or requirement. Magnattack® Global are committed to transparency in our advertising of certification and compliance and will not claim to hold any certification unless we truly do.

HACCP International Certification

HACCP International is a world-renowned certification body focusing on non-food materials and equipment which have an impact on food safety and quality. The yellow HACCP International certification mark is an easily-recognizable assurance that the product or equipment is safe for use in food processing applications or facilities.

In 2001, Magnattack Global became the first magnetic separator manufacturer in the world to receive HACCP Certification, giving our clients increased peace-of-mind that our equipment is suitable for food industry applications.

The Magnattack® range of RE80® Magnetic Separators are certified by HACCP International and designed in accordance with HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 2-2021. Magnattack® partners with AMR Consulting to provide HACCP International certified Magnet Verification Reports. These reports are more than a simple magnet strength test – AMR Magnet Verification Reports contain detailed and comprehensive data on your metal fragment controls. This information is valuable for plant audits, your HACCP plan, and ensuring your magnetic separators meet stringent food industry standards.

HACCP International Certification
HACCP International Certification
HACCP International Certification

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

The FSMA is an Act focused on prevention. It aims to shift the focus from the response to the prevention of food contamination.

Food processing companies under this Act are required to conduct an extensive risk assessment/hazard analysis of their operations and introduce preventative controls to reduce or eliminate any identified risks. They are then required to monitor, record, and amend control as necessary, to ensure that risks are minimized. High-risks facilities are audited/inspected at least once in every 3-year period.

Section 103 Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls of the FSMA sets out what is required to be written and implemented in each facility’s food safety plan. Magnattack® Global and AMR Consulting work with food processing facilities to collect data required for this plan and for plant audits.

These steps include:

  1. Hazard Analysis
  2. Preventative Controls
  3. Monitoring
  4. Corrective Actions
  5. Verification
  6. Record Keeping

Magnattack® Global and AMR conduct HACCP certified Magnet Validation Reports and Risk Assessments that will help you with each of the above steps, with specific regard to controlling and reducing risks of physical hazards related to metal contamination. This may also include a ‘corrective action plan’ if required (Section 102 Registration of Food Facilities).

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