Brewery Applications


Magnetic separators are most commonly installed in brewery applications at grain intakes, prior to high impact machinery, and in syrup/malt extract liquid lines.

Mag-Ram® Self-Cleaning Magnets are used in the intakes area to ensure incoming grain is free of metal fragments and magnetic stone. In some cases where the grain is de-hulled or broken, these magnets are installed upstream of high impact machinery to prevent damage to the equipment and excessive wear from stones entering the machines, as well as reducing the risk of a potential grain dust explosion caused by a spark from metal entering.

As applications may be very abrasive due to the hardness of the grain, we can incorporate our unique Dura-Slik process to the magnet surfaces which reduces the effects of abrasion.

Where syrups or malt extracts are pumped, Inline RE80® Pressure Pipeline Magnets are a very successful means of removing fine metal fragments prior to final packing or processing.

  • Is the magnet resistant to abrasion?
  • Can it be easily accessed for cleaning (if a manually cleaned design)?
  • What means are taken to ensure magnet strength is maintained over time?
  • Do they comply with current HACCP and best practice standards? (e.g. 0909MAGSEP 2-2021)
  • Is the magnet supplied with adequate certification?
  • If used on syrups, etc, do the working temperature of the magnets suit the application?

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