Fruit & Vegetable Processing, Salad Mixes


Salad mixes, leafy vegetables, frozen/diced fruit and vegetables are at risk of very fine metal fragments which often result from damage to dicers/slicing equipment, moving parts, and external sources such as raw materials.

  • Do you have quality magnet systems immediately after equipment with cutting blades such as Urschel dicers and grating equipment?
  • Are your magnets configured to properly cover the flow of product and retain weakly magnetic fragments against the flow of large chunky or leafy products...without restricting the flow or causing blockages?
  • Is the temperature rating on the magnet adequate for the required application?
  • Is the magnet design sanitary and compliant?
  • Is the magnet simple and effective to clean and maintain?
  • Does the separator assembly comprise of high grade magnetics (such as RE80®) to ensure longevity and maintaining of the magnet strength?
  • Does the magnet comply with current HACCP and best practice standards (e.g. 0909MAGSEP 2-2021)?
  • Is the magnet supplied with adequate certification?

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You can purchase safety stickers & signs and certain replacement parts, ex. seals. Contact our team today.

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