Magnattack™ Global Booklet 2015

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Magnattack™ Outline Brochure 2016

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HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010 Order Form

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Achieving Safe & Efficient Magnetic Separation In Pet Food Slurries

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The Role of Magnets and Metal Detectors
in the Food Industry 2017

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Metal Fragment Control Guide
for the Baking Industry 2017

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Magnets for Metal Fragment Control
and Food Safety with DL Newslow 2017

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Contributing Factors to Demagnetization
of Magnetic Separators in the Food Industry

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Magnattack™ Industry Documents


Magnattack™ Overview Video

An outline of the Magnattack™ RE80™ Magnetic Separation Equipment.

The Consequences of Food Recalls

Food recalls cost over $10 million in direct costs! Do you know the other risks of metal contamination?

MBL Proteins Testimonial

Warren McLean, CEO of MBL Proteins, gives us his thoughts on the MAG-RAM Self-Cleaning separator.

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We’ve combined some of the most frequently asked questions that food processers ask us about the principles of magnetic separation.

Some of the most common include:

Click on the above links to view answers to these questions.

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Over the years, new technology has allowed us to develop safer magnets than ever before...but they can still pose a significant health risk if basic safety practices are not followed.

Watch the video on the right or click the below link to view essential safety practises that you should adopt when handling magnetic separators.

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International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference & Exhibition – Rosemont IL, April 2018

The Powder Show returns!Since 1976, this valuable International Powder & Bulk Solids Expo (AKA The Powder Show) has been keeping the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries up to date with the latest and greatest innovations. This year’s event...

International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference & Exhibition <span>– Rosemont IL, April 2018</span>

Petfood Forum – Kansas City MO, April 2018

The Petfood Forum is a must-attend event for anyone in the pet food processing industry. Throughout the 3 days of the show, visitors will learn about the latest innovations and technology in the industry from a panel of experts and over 250 exhibiting...

Petfood Forum – Kansas City MO, April 2018

GEAPS Exchange – Denver CO, March 2018

The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) Exchange is the largest event in the North American grain industry. The annual event provides valuable insights into the latest technology and equipment available to the grain industry.One of our North...

GEAPS Exchange – Denver CO, March 2018

Process Expo (PSI) – Chicago IL, September 2017

Nearly 600 exhibitors will showcase their products, services and solutions at one of North America’s largest food & beverage industry trade shows! Our distributor Powder Systems Inc. will be showcasing the Magnattack™ equipment and offering their...

Process Expo (PSI) – Chicago IL, September 2017

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Mag-Ram™ Exceeds Expectations in Grain Application

“Our company is committed to quality. When we required less magnetic stone fragments in our grain, we needed more gauss than can currently be obtained with a rare earth magnetic drum. We found a solution that exceeded our expectations by installing...

Mag-Ram™ Exceeds Expectations in Grain Application

Stewart Harper - Fosters Group Limited at Cascade Brewery

April 2010


Thanks For Providing Some Decent, Well-Made Equipment

Hi Calvin, We installed the first two of the new magnet interceptors into our Morphine milling system today, the good news is that they have slotted straight in and presented no issues. The benefit of measuring thoroughly before fabrication is...

Customer and company name withheld for confidentiality reasons.


Innovative Metal Contamination Controls & Effective Calibration Programmes.

Letter of Recommendation October 2016 Dear [Company] Associate, I am writing this letter of recommendation in relation to the services provided by the Magnattack™ Global Company to [Company location] Factory. In 2008 we started working with Kevin...

Customer and company name withheld for confidentiality reasons.

October 2018


Mag-Ram™ Helps Secure Long-Term Client

“The Mag-Ram™ was instrumental in securing a long-term client that was very close to dropping us due to a number of contamination issues. Once we proved the level of control that the Mag-Ram™ could offer, we then become their most valuable...

CEO of an Australia Meat Rendering Company.