Magnet Audits & Validation Reports

Like metal detectors and x-ray equipment, magnets play a vital role in food safety and contamination control in food processing. In order to maintain maximum separation efficiency and be most effective, magnets need to be not only the right strength, but also need to be positioned correctly in the flow of product, in the right location, and configured to achieve maximum separation efficiency and retainment of foreign metal contamination.

Plant Risk Assessments

Magnattack® Global has partnered with Active Magnetics Research to identify and reduce the risk of metal fragment contamination, thereby improving product purity and the overall safety of your products. AMR coordinate magnet validations worldwide and have extensive experience relating to metal fragment control system design, testing and analysis.

Helping with FSMA Compliance

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) forces food manufacturers to be proactive in reducing risks to food safety. AMR Magnet Validation Reports are being used by numerous food processing companies to help meet the FSMA requirements.

AMR Reports assist in meeting the steps of Section 102 and Section 103 – hazard analysis, preventative controls, monitoring, corrective actions, verification, and record keeping.

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