Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator

Magnattack® Acutex® Probe Magnet
Magnattack® Acutex® Probe Magnet

Efficient Magnetic Separation in Viscous Liquids & Slurries

The RE80®HT Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator was designed in response to a valued client’s need to extract tiny metal fragments from thick, viscous slurries, as existing magnet systems were proving ineffective and difficult to clean.

After considering the environment of the application and the product characteristics, Magnattack® technicians developed a new efficient, sanitary, and advanced magnetic separation system. The RE80®HT Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator was engineered to achieve effective foreign metal fragment control and risk reduction in thick and viscous liquids, slurries, and emulsion lines.

The magnet has proven successful in several industries including dairy, pet food, and meat processing worldwide.


The RE80®HT Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator features our powerful, high-intensity +11,000 Gauss Acutex® Probe Magnets. These patented Probe Magnets intercept the flow of product and extract metal fragments including work-hardened stainless steel and stone particles.

The distinctive lachrymiform (or teardrop) shape of the Acutex® Probe Magnets allow for very smooth transition of viscous products to move around the magnet with minimum resistance to flow. Maximum product to magnet coverage is achieved without causing leaks, blockages, and pressure problems.

The peak (or V-section) of the probe is faced towards the oncoming product stream, ensuring that collected magnetic fragments are washed to the back of the probe and safely retained until cleaning operations are underway. This feature greatly reduces the risk of recontamination caused by the impact of the product flow dislodging the collected fragments and reintroducing them back into the product stream.

  • Increased food safety and product purity
  • Reduced risk of product recall and brand name damage
  • Protection against metal fragment issues and product complaints
  • Versatile, sanitary, and easily cleaned
  • Protection of pumps and highly sensitive equipment against damage caused by the entry of metal fragments
  • Ultimate performance in viscous slurries and emulsified products
  • Efficient fragment retention against product flow
  • Maximum product to magnet contact
  • Minimized resistance to flow and pressure build-up
    • The Acutex® Probe Magnet and open-area matrix is formulated for each product dependent on the specific flow properties. This prevents pressure or impact that could cause changes in product characteristics, particle sizes/shapes, and viscosity
  • Maintain product quality and characteristics
  • Reduced operator WHS/OSHA risks
  • 80% coverage of product stream in accordance with HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 2-2021
  • Appreciated by world-leading pet food manufacturers in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe
  • RE80®HT High Intensity Magnetics
  • Dura-Slik® Abrasion-Reduction Technology to reduce wear in harsh applications

  • The RE80®HT Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator can be installed in horizontal, sloping, and vertical pipelines, sized 1” – 6” (25mm – 152mm)
  • RE80®HT technology enables these magnets to withstand temperatures up to 302°F / 150°C
  • This system has proven effective in applications such as:
  • Pet food slurries
  • Offal, MDM/MSC/MST
  • Meat emulsions, chicken mince, pie fill mixes, turkey processing
  • CIP
  • Shortening
  • Bakery applications
  • Liquid dairy products

  • Designed in compliance to HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 2-2021 for peace of mind and assurance of quality
  • USDA Accepted - meat/poultry and dairy categories
  • Patented

  • Caution: persons with cardiac pacemakers or other sensitive devices implanted in their bodies should not come within 300mm/12” of magnets. Full safety warning and video.

You can purchase safety stickers & signs and certain replacement parts, ex. seals. Contact our team today.

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