Multi-Finger Receival Bin Magnets


Although Magnattack® Multi-Finger Receival Bin Magnets can be successful in several food industry applications, they are most popular in winery grape receival areas. For wineries, they are essential magnets to protect crushers, de-stemmers, pumps, and screw flights from a variety of tramp iron contaminants which will cause extensive damage and result in high maintenance costs.

The RE80® Receival Bin Magnets feature multiple high-intensity >11,000 gauss RE80® Finger Bars, which are angled downwards into the product stream. Typically, the system will be installed under an auger outlet on a heavy-duty adjustable mounting.

The Receival Bin Magnets are customizable to suit various dimensions and installs, tonnage rates, and product characteristics.

  • Must-pump protection
  • Protection of crushers and screw flights
  • Compliments harvester magnets
  • Reduces plant & production downtime – especially in busy vintage seasons
  • Prevents damage to expensive equipment
  • Foreign metal contamination risk reduction

  • Endorsed by HACCP International. Designed in accordance with HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 2-2021 for peace of mind and assurance of quality

  • Caution: persons with cardiac pacemakers or other sensitive devices implanted in their bodies should not come within 300mm/12” of magnets. Full safety warning and video.

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