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Magnattack™ manufactures a wide range of plated magnet designs suited to a variety of applications including protection of mills, grinders, extruders, etc.

Using unique RE80™ rare earth magnetics, Magnattack™ Plate Magnets are available in high gauss stepped and flat face configurations, suited to the base of chutes/ducting or under product discharge points. Special suspension plates for oven exits are also available.

Aside from standard Plate Magnet designs, Round Nose Plate Magnets, Dimple-Mag™ Plate Magnets, and custom designs are also available.

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Round Nose Plate Magnets:

In some applications, especially those with high tonnage and fast-flowing products, fragments can be brushed off plate magnets by the oncoming product and back into the product stream. To reduce this risk, MAagnattack™ has developed the RE80™ Round Nose Plate Magnets. This system features a High-Intensity +11,000+ Gauss RE80™ Separation Bar at the end of a Plate Magnet. The Separation Bar offers protection against dislodged fragments and prevents them from re-contaminating the food product. When metal fragments are collected by the Separation Bar, they are washed safely to the underside of the magnet and out of the path of oncoming product.

With the deep field capability of the Plate Magnet added to the intensive coercive force of the Separation Bar, you gain far superior control over foreign metal pieces and increased protection against contamination.

Dimple-Mag™ Plate Magnets:

The RE80™ Dimple-Mag™ Extraction System is similar to the standard Round Nose Plate Magnet, however, includes a specially designed dimpled Magnetic Plate. The purpose of this is to assist with flow and direction of product with the dimple feature further creating a self-cleaning like action, building turbulence behind the flow of product and water preventing build-up of leaf, debris, grape stalks, etc. This design also helps to break up the conveyed material and expose the magnetic fragments as they move towards the +11,000 gauss magnet bar at the end, which maximizes the extraction ability at the retention point of the magnet.

Key benefits & features:

  • High-intensity RE80™ magnetics
  • Prevent dust explosion caused by bolts or tramp metal entering high impact machinery.
  • Help protect brand reputation and integrity
  • Superior separation efficiency and product purity
  • Safe removal of metal contamination including work-hardened stainless-steel and stone
  • Ideal for low headroom applications where the Mag-Ram™ Self-Cleaning Separators cannot be utilized
  • Certified by HACCP International

Applications & install options:

  • Product intakes (upstream scalping magnets).
  • Protection of machinery immediately prior to mills and extruders.
  • Collection of highly magnetic tramp metal and large metal debris.

Please visit our Mag-Ram™ Self-Cleaning Separator page for modernized design for high volume and abrasive intakes applications.



Certified by HACCP International. Fully compliant with HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010 for peace of mind and assurance of quality.

Safety warning:

Caution: persons with cardiac pacemakers or other sensitive devices implanted in their bodies should not come within 300mm/12” of magnets. Read full safety warning.

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