Rapidclean® Grate Magnet In Housing



The RE80® Rapidclean® Grate Magnet provides superior magnetic separation in dry food product lines such as flour, sugar, grain, and similar ingredients.

This grate-magnet-in-housing system was originally designed by the Magnattack® R&D team to overcome disadvantages experienced by existing conventional grate magnet technology in the food industry, including stainless-steel magnet sleeves, safety issues, and cleaning difficulties. It stands out from other grate magnet designs with its sanitary dust-tight housing and a cleaning operation that is performed wholly outside of the product stream, reducing recontamination risks.

The Rapidclean® system uses a combination of various bar diameters, door designs, and sizes to suit many variables. Units can be custom-made to suit your individual applications.


Swing-Away Style Rapidclean® Grates are designed to minimize spillage and assist with access to low headroom/limited space installations, whilst still maintaining key hygienic and sanitary cleaning capabilities necessary in food and dairy processing.


Removable SS screen drawers are available to assist in filtering out large, non-magnetic contaminants from the product flow (for example, stray paper and other debris from intakes/paper bag dumping). The screen is positioned above the magnet bars and also assists with consistent distribution of product and reducing the effects of abrasion.

  • Captive drawer design and hygienic ledge-free interior housings prevent build-up and contamination of sensitive product
  • Blockage and flow problems solved with open-ended magnetic bars and optionally adjustable bar centers
  • Flexible design allows for unexpected increased throughput
  • Maximum product-to-magnet coverage
  • Captive door closing devices prevent contamination risks
  • Superior separation efficiency and product purity
  • Safe removal of metal contamination including work-hardened stainless-steel and stone
  • Prevention of damage to downstream processing equipment
  • Protect brand reputation and integrity
  • High-intensity RE80® and RE80®HT magnet elements
  • Certified to +11,000 Gauss
  • Dura-Slik® Abrasion-Reduction Technology to reduce wear in harsh applications

  • Single bar cleaning ensures no risk of drawer jamming – a problem typically and regularly experienced with multi-bar cleaning methods and sleeved grate magnets
  • Ability to fully inspect magnet bars before they are returned to the product flow – essential for reducing recontamination risks and maintaining hygienic magnetic separation
  • Withstands cleaning temperatures of up to 150°C/302°F
  • Rapidclean® quick-release magnetic door closure prevents high leakage of powder and product when opened for cleaning
  • Self-supporting & lightweight design – no heavy lifting required
  • Low maintenance and easy to inspect collected magnetic contamination
  • Cleaning reinforced well outside of the product zone to avoid the risk of recontamination
  • The Rapidclean® Cleaning Tool & Tray assist with safe cleaning of magnet bars and collection of metal fragments

  • Dry ingredients such as flour, rice, and grain mills, sugar production, coffee processing, starch processing, bulk out-loading, and ingredients manufacture
  • USDA accepted models available for dairy and lactose powders, pharmaceutical powders, infant formulas, and other sensitive products
  • Solutions for low headroom applications, with only 6.8"/175mm or less required
  • Optional vibrating motor retrofit assists with breaking up difficult-to-flow and sticky product
  • Offering increased product security on outgoing products, the Rapidclean® can be installed
    • At the inlet of rotary valves
    • Upstream of all packing operations and bulker filling
    • Discharge of screw conveyors, elevators, flowveyors, and blenders
    • Prior to metal detectors (reduce rejection rate)
    • Prior to expensive processing equipment (reduce damage and downtime for repair)

  • Certified by HACCP International. Fully compliant with HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 2-2021 for peace of mind and assurance of quality.
  • USDA Dairy Accepted.
  • Patents approved and patents pending.

  • Caution: persons with cardiac pacemakers or other sensitive devices implanted in their bodies should not come within 300mm/12” of magnets. Full safety warning and video.

You can purchase safety stickers & signs and certain replacement parts, ex. seals. Contact our team today.

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