Plant Risk Assessments

Planning on installing magnets in your food plant? Magnetic separators may seem like an easy thing to purchase – you simply specify the size magnet you need, install it somewhere in the process line, and voila…you now have effective control over ferrous metal contamination in your plant!

No, it’s not that simple.

Plant Risk Assessments

Install the wrong magnet in the wrong place (or don’t install any), and you run the high risk of ineffective control over your metal contamination. This mistake could be costly. Lack of control could mean that metal escapes the magnets, ends up in the final product, and triggers a product recall…leading to brand name damage, potential consumer safety risks, and so on. You will then need to reassess your plant and possibly install additional magnets in order to gain control – this too is a cost that can be avoided if the right magnets are installed in the right place to begin with.

To help ensure you don’t make this mistake and that you fully understand where the risks are in your plant, Magnattack® technicians can arrange a visit to your plant and conduct a Plant Risk Assessment. This is especially useful for food processing companies who are installing a new line, who do not have any existing magnets throughout their plant, or who are doing a plant upgrade. The technician will take into account your process line/s, ingredient entry and exit points, ingredient/s processed, tonnage rates, the effectiveness of existing magnets and metal detectors (if any), and a variety of other critical factors.

A report will then be generated that will provide a detailed analysis of your risks, areas of concern, and recommended action points to minimise the threat of metal contamination. This valuable report will help you identify and determine which type of magnetic separators will be most effective and where they should be installed.

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