Separation Bars & Rollers


Magnattack® RE80® Separation Bars and Rollers are designed to split the flow of the product and maximize product-to-magnet contact. These magnets effectively extract splinters of stainless steel, magnetic stone fragments, and >98% of tramp iron and ferrous fines from dry products.

The Rollers/Bars can be rotated 180° to view collected contaminants when mounted on a bearing.

Available in 35mm, 51mm, and 63mm diameters.

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  • Powered by proven ultra-high energy RE80® magnet elements, offering +11,000 gauss strength
  • Larger diameter bar size for increased separation efficiency when compared to conventional bar magnets
  • Simple to clean regularly
  • Does not cause bridging
  • Seal welded and vacuum encapsulated for extended magnet strength life
  • High strength extraction of foreign contamination for food safety
  • Protect brand reputation and integrity
  • Superior separation efficiency and product purity
  • Safe removal of metal contamination including work-hardened stainless-steel and stone

  • Cereals, vegetable processes, frozen foods, pet food, and other conveyed products
  • Perfect for installing at the point of discharge at the end of conveyors
  • Optional complete bracketry systems for easy handling – allows operators to lift out and away from the process flow for cleaning. This reduces risk of recontamination
  • Can be mounted in bearings, stauff clamps, or simple ‘U’ brackets

  • Endorsed by HACCP International. Designed in accordance with HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 2-2021 for peace of mind and assurance of quality

  • Caution: persons with cardiac pacemakers or other sensitive devices implanted in their bodies should not come within 300mm/12” of magnets. Full safety warning and video.

You can purchase safety stickers & signs and certain replacement parts, ex. seals. Contact our team today.

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