MAG-RAM™ - "A great investment which has undoubtedly proved its worth" - June 2015

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"We experienced customer issues with metal including drenching capsule spring pieces. MAGNATTACK™ Global assisted us and came up with the MAG-RAM™ system which allowed us to remove these metal contaminants and I have no hesitation in recommending this equipment to the rendering industry. It has been a great investment which has undoubtedly proved its worth over nearly 3 years. There has been negligible maintenance. Since we load out of the MAG-RAM™ into skips in a driveway we invented a vacuum cleaner system to suck away the metal fragments and deposit them in a vacuum drum beside the driveway. MAGNATTACK™ appreciated what we did and now have a pneumatic fragment transfer option of their own as standard. I must say the MAG-RAM™ Self-Cleaning Separator has given us assurance that we have a safer, much cleaner and more valuable product than before. Highly recommended innovation!"

Scott Newton
Southern Meats
Southern Meats