How magnetic mats contribute to quality control

Magnetic mats should not be forgotten when considering quality control measures in food production facilities.

They play an important role in ensuring that our shoes do not spread metal contaminants around areas where metal fragment control is a priority. This mat has particularly been a success with our food manufacturing clients.

How magnetic mats work:

Magnetic mats, such as our RE80® Mag-Stride®, gather small ferrous contaminants from your shoes or work boots. The high-strength magnet within the mat attracts and retains those small metal fragments and prevents them from coming near your product.

This way, your sensitive food processing areas can have an extra level of protection as you are stopping contamination in its tracks!

magnetic floor mat
The Magnattack® Mag-Stride® Magnetic Mat positioned before a doorway at a food manufacturing plant

Where to place a magnetic mat?

The Mag-Stride® sits conveniently in/before doorways separating your food production from maintenance or other areas, and forcing plant personnel to walk over the mat prior to entry.

The mat is:
- Easy to install
- Easy to clean, and
- More effective than tacky and sticky mats!

The magnetic mat is especially easy to clean with the Magnetic Mat Roller.
The magnetic mat is especially easy to clean with the Magnetic Mat Roller

To find out more about this simple yet effective metal fragment control, visit the Mag-Stride® page on our website or contact us and stop contamination in its tracks!

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