SPHERICAL Pneumatic Transfer Magnets

World Class 12,000 Gauss Retention Efficiency – Proven Globally!

The aerodynamically designed MAGNATTACK™ SPHERICAL Separator provides a unique solution to the often difficult task of separating metal fragments from high-velocity pneumatic transfers. Separation of foreign metal contamination in powder applications without experiencing bulk density changes is also a key advantage that the Spherical Magnet System has achieved.

The SPHERICAL Separator was extensively inspected by the Centre for Bulk Solids, a world-renowned bulk solids consultation and trial facility, and results showed little to nil impact on bulk density.

The magnet has also been found to be superior to original probe, bar, and blowline grid installations inserted transverse to the product flow. This is achieved by providing a large surface area for retention of weak magnetic fragments on the back of the magnetic sphere, outside of the product zone as the powder/product exits the chamber.

The high gauss magnet reduces risk to final product security by effectively retaining metal fragments sized from large slivers down to very fine rust and magnetic dust, against high velocity flows.

Why does the SPHERICAL design win over conventional designs on effectiveness?

  • Strength: 11 - 12,000 gauss spherical element (most bullets and plate systems don’t exceed 7,000 gauss)

  • Coverage and retention of metal fragments: surface area at the back-side of the SPHERICAL™ element is key to the extraction and retention of weakly-magnetic fragments. The SPHERICAL™’s rounded belly means that the fragments are ‘washed’ around to the back-side of the ball/sphere and are retained behind the flow of the product. In comparison, the bullet magnets have a flat base or flat raised poles which often do not hold tightly enough to weakly-magnetic fragments.


  • Effective metal fragment control for food safety.
  • Aerodynamic design prevents blockage of product and also minimizes product particle breakdown.
  • Provides a very useful indication and protection against incoming metal contamination – perfect for bakery applications such as incoming flour.

  • Special design allows for optimum product stream coverage enabling highly efficient separation of weak to highly magnetic fragments.
  • Optional special anti-abrasive feature extends magnet life (recommended for abrasive ingredients such as grain).
  • Carefully designed and configured using only the highest grades of material for use in sensitive food applications around the world.
  • Used in both dense and dilute/lean phase blowlines.


  • Low-cost installation upgrade and low maintenance
  • Bullet magnets may pose serious safety risks when heavy doors are opened for cleaning. SPHERICAL units are provided with a cleaning station, accessory kit, and safety cable lock. The cleaning tools allow for easy, safe, and convenient cleaning and also assist with operator safety – lightweight and easily accessed.
  • Superior magnetic force for extracting weakly magnetic fragments from high-velocity transfers.
  • Much greater overall magnetic strength and field depth.
  • Greater levels of hygeine in SPHERICAL design = no product build-up areas!


  • Ideal for starch, powders, flours, and ingredients
  • Popular in large flour mills and bakeries to magnetically clean product conveyed to bagging operations, bulk outloading, or direct filling of flour trucks.
  • Dilute/lean and dense phase applications of 3" - 8" (75mm - 200mm) in size.
  • Suitable for high velocity and large volume vertical installations in blow, vacuum, gravity, & pneumatic transfer lines
  • Units designed for horizontal applications available (link to HPL page)
  • USDA accepted units for dairy applications available (link to PTM page)

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Caution: persons with cardiac pacemakers or other sensitive devices implanted in their bodies should not come within 300mm/12” of magnets. Read full safety warning here.



Fully compliant with HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010 for peace of mind and assurance of quality.

Patents and patents pending.


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