Magnattack Announces USDA Dairy Acceptance

The recent USDA Dairy Acceptance of selected Magnattack RE80 magnetic separators assures the highest sanitary standards and suitability for use in sensitive and hygienic applications.

The Mag-Ram Self Cleaning Separator, Rapidclean Advanced Grate System, Round Pipe Separator, and the newly released Powder Transfer Magnet all have been approved and accepted by USDA. This range is suited to a wide variety of product lines including milk, infant formulas, pharmaceutical powders, and lactose powders.

The Powder Transfer Design includes the new Acutex Probe, which incorporates a shaped contact area that helps prevent bulk density breakdown and directs product to pole bands. This prevents the build-up of product that would normally impinge on a larger surface magnet.

The USDA’s review and final acceptance involved an inspection completed by USDA Dairy Grading Inspectors, where along with extensive engineering criteria, the construction met requirements of the USDA Guidelines for Sanitary Design and Fabrication of Dairy Processing Equipment. This included a thorough inspection of the equipment to ensure type and positioning of internal and external welds, smoothness of product contact surface, accessibility of cleaning and inspection, and a wide variety of other guidelines adhered to the required USDA specifications.

"USDA Dairy Acceptance offers peace of mind to dairy and critical hygiene customers showing we’ve taken extensive measures to ensure engineering, sanitary design, and execution of our magnetic separation equipment, and to support in every way our customer’s ultimate goal of maintaining and improving product safety and risk reduction,"says Magnattack Global General Manager, Kevin Baker.

Magnattack Global's USDA-accepted equipment is currently being exported into some of the largest dairy facilities around the world.

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